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  • 看看专业人士是怎么解释落水用途的
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  Now let's take a look at how professionals interpret the use of drowning.


  Falling system, namely roof rainwater drainage system, collects roof rainwater into eaves and buckets, drains it to the ground through rainwater pipes, or drains it to urban rainwater drainage system. The application of the water dropping system has a long history at all times and in all over the world.


  Sunlight, wind and rain are the most destructive factors to the building. Falling system is the use of eaves ditches and water pipes to drain roof rainwater in an organized manner, guide and control roof rainwater, to protect the eaves from long-term erosion of rainwater, prevent the weathering cracking of eaves, extend the life of eaves, even with simple and inexpensive exterior materials, to protect the important structural parts of buildings (Figure 2. Weathering Eaves). As the saying goes, "the rafters hang out first." In fact, the eaves of traditional cement gutters are also weathered and cracked.



  We use a falling system consisting of gutters and risers to organize and centralize the discharge of water from the roof. It is a drainage, not a blockage, and it is not a rainstorm or precipitation that drives all the rainwater from the roof in the gutters.


  As required by the GB50015 Code for Design of Water Supply and Drainage for Buildings (hereinafter referred to as the Code), spills need to be set up. When the rainwater intensity is too high, the rainwater overflows directly from the outside of the eaves ditch to avoid overflowing the eaves after rainwater, and the eaves erode the eaves.


  The shape of the gutter should also be higher than the front. At the same time, prevent excessive rainwater from loading and affect the safety of finished gutter. And the water line should be installed on the finished gutter to prevent the rain from flowing back to the eaves. At the same time, the falling water system will lead the roof rainwater away from the wall, to avoid excessive rainwater on the wall erosion, causing wall discoloration.


  Avoid the phenomenon of "water curtain cave" when entering and leaving the house, and avoid the pollution caused by falling rain. Finally, according to the design choice with the color and shape of the water, design synchronization, improve the grade of the building, improve the taste of life.